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(PRE-ORDER) Scythe Weilder Hoodie

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Size: S
Style: CROP
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Production collected at the end of each month ( listing stays up )

- Unable to cancel your pre-order once the end of the month concludes


Standard Production for Pre-Order

- Our pre-order process usually takes up to 6 months, sometimes even longer.

We know, the wait might seem like forever, but we promise it will be worth every second!



- 39 in. bust typically fits Large, Medium if you want a tighter look, XL for baggy



- Polyester Fabric 

- Pullover Hoodie

 - Front Lace up

- Crop is Mid Length to Hips

- Full Hoodie Options Available 

- Screen Printed Details

 * Design/Artwork Collab with @T0KWAH



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Orders are collected monthly and sent over to production!

Note, we do not own these teams and do not solely work for our brand. They have others to work with and why delays will be inevitable due to them working with other businesses.

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Mainly due to how the teams communicate and package the garments, they are completed in a group and packaged that way so I never know what is going to come from the boxes. I do a Instagram Story showcase when boxes do arrive as well as update our mini Update Page!

When a order arrives, tracking is provided, if tracking is not yet provided, it is not yet here for me to send home to you :)