The Kigu Stop does not offer warranty's on any clothing as the clothing is pre-ordered and stock is not provided to replace. 

*Item Damaged 



- If the item is damaged when received, you have 7 days to contact the support email (thekigusquad@gmail.com) in regards to the damage and will be asked for proof of damage.

- Check your SPAM box as all responses tend to be placed there for any response. 



-It is to TKS discretion in which matters are handled and will refuse service should any rude/uncompromising emails be presented. 



- If the item is damaged from wash, this is not TKS responsibility to fix the issue as the item is now in your care. 



- No warranty/refund is provided to garments that are damaged within your care as they are made to order and we do not keep excess stock. Depending on the situation, a solution can be made, however, this is again at the discretion of the shop and is not guaranteed.