Meet The Owner!

Hello! I am the sole owner and runner of this shop. While I do not personally hand-make the products I am the designer, packer and shipper of all products being made and shipped. As well as a full time employee. Kigu Stop was meant to be a hobby and now has become a brand that is my second job.  I am fortunate to collaborate with some amazing artists for some of the items you love within my shop.

I do not have employee's but fortunate enough to have an assistant who handles the emails while I handle the rest of the work. So please be kind to my assistant as they do their best with a full time job as well. 

We have two teams that handle all my production as well as many other brands. I am not their sole customer and they do their best with their production timeline. Our products are all made in Pakistan by two great men that I have the pleasure of working with and been in business with for 2 years. They produce high quality clothing for my brand and I expect nothing less.