Welcome to comfy casual fan wear for daily or lowkey geeks alike! Pair up one of our items to complete your cosplay look or just strut your stuff in casual wear! 

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My shop ranges from any and all kinds of different genres! Not just popular anime shows! Look forward to all kinds of different genres ranging from video games, TV shows, classic and new movies.

The best part? These items are made for ALL SIZES! Appreciate your body and love yourself in my work cause we make it just for you to love on you!

Even for preorders, these items are made just for you and you alone, so you are receiving a custom piece literally for HALF the cost of a custom commission!

While pre-order items can take some time to finish, I am a one man team handling my business with some awesome production teams who help make our items reality. They are worth the wait and more!

I make unique merch for the fanbases that can't be found anywhere else!

Any purchase has my personal love and appreciation for supporting what I love to do.

Thank you!