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TKS presents

Dresses with pockets!?

Tks presents
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Sam Y.


I cannot recommend these enough! They're insanely comfortable, the design is super clean and stylish, and they have GREAT pockets. What more could you ask for? Oh, and before you ask; yes, they live up to resident shark boy - they are indeed manly.

Leslie Calderon

Great quality!

It's a well made varsity jacket! Very high-quality, the quilted lining is super soft and luxurious. The design on the back is detailed, and the inside pocket is an amazing touch. I absolutely love it

Liam Timmons

Absolutely in love!!!!

I waited for about 4 months for it to arrive but it was totally worth the wait! It's just the perfect size for me just a little to long but nothing to be upset about because it's the right size for me. I love it with all my heart, it's so soft and the design is amazing! I can't wait to buy from this shop again!